Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fall Running

I really like late fall running. I like the chill in the air and the new vistas that open as the trees shed leaves and that special autumn light. Saturday I ran in the Reserve. Cold enough over night that the ground was crunchy with frost and puddles have the lightest sheen of ice. Now that the most trees have shed their leaves the Blue Route (I476) is more intrusive. You hear it before you see it but rather than grouse I am grateful that these acres were preserved. Late in the run as I came out of the woods toward an open meadow a fat red fox was strolling down the lane. I surprised him as if he wondered why a human was intruding on his day. Not sure if he looked fat because his winter coat is already in or if he has been fattening up on squirrel and rabbit. But today a special treat - as I was coming up a small hill not far from Merion Golf Course a stag came out from between two brilliant red japanese maples. A youngster, two points, one antler coming off would have given him a comical look if he hadn't stop and stared back at me in full dignity. We locked eyes for about 20 seconds before he bounded off. I know they are a pest but I still love these encounters especially when unexpected. The next three weekends I have races - it's been a long time since I tripled. Hope everything holds up.

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