Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chestnutwold Chase 5K

A couple of weeks ago I run the mammoth Broad Street Run but today a tiny local race.

Chestnutwold is an elementary school in the Ardmore section of Haverford Township.  It is the school that kids from my neighborhood go to and the race director is the same women who organizers the buses that took us to Broad Street so it was a natural for me to do it.

It was damp, dreary, drizzly the whole morning but no hard rain.

The first event is a kids' mile run.  They had a great turnout despite the drizzle.  And it look like all the kids had a great time.

The 5K course is very simple.  It uses the "busway"  - this is a stretch of road that was a trolley right of way last century but was paved and is restricted to bus traffic only.  Since the buses don't run on Sundays it is perfect of recreational uses.  It crosses on busy street but the police do a great job of controlling traffic there.

The busway passes the back of St. Mary's Laundry (now an art center).  A few years ago I learned that by Grandfather and his brothers worked there when they emigrated from England in the late 19th century so it is always kind of neat to see the place and the ghosts it holds.

The participants are mostly kids and their parents and there is great spirit.  Lots of cheers and enthusiasm from the spectators.   It is not a flat course but the inclines are moderate and there are limited turns so you get these long straight aways.

My best 5k in a while - 27:49 - 8:58 miles.  I have for awhile wanted to run 9 minute miles in a 5K so I liked the result.  (Wish I could say the miles were consistent but it was more fast downhill, slow up hill.)  Since I was the only runner over 60 a medal was a sure thing (came with a gift certificate pretty cool for a small race) but I was also faster then anyone in the 50/60 age group so that was cool.

Post race there is a pancake breakfast in the school cafeteria and surprisingly the pancakes were very good.
A fun if soggy morning.

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